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There is always the element of surprise and discovery here in the loft of the Clark Memorial Library. Since 1968 the Richmond Historical Society has been collecting "things" that pertain to the history and way of life in Richmond, Rhode Island since 1747. We have original legal documents, books of rules on maintaining the road in the front of your house, milk cans, canning jars, wall paper samples from Bell School, lots of tax books, and part of a leather harness. Yes, we have structural properties as well. We purchased the Bell School and moved it to a more convenient tourist destination in 1972, and own the original town clerk's office in Carolina. Both are museums worthy of a stop-by because of their stories and Richmond's stories. Although storage space is at a premium (limiting us to the size and relevance of items), gifts that pertain to Richmond and the growth of our town are graciously accepted. Help with our work is always welcome as well.

Recently the Society began archiving its extensive collection using the museum software known as PastPerfect. This is an ongoing project under the leadership of our archivist Patty Millar and her assistant Betty Mowchan.